sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

The most popular web browsers 2013

Regarding the use of browsers in 2013 have been some changes that were seen coming, Google Chrome gets positioned at the top of the list with 38% usage, this browser offers speed, ease of handling and safety, Chrome has criticized dislodged than Internet Explorer that has now fallen to second place and have a 31% usage, slow and visual precarious especially 8 and earlier versions, this has led to users who still use Windows XP to change browser , from version 9, the browser has been gradually improved. In third place is Mozilla Firefox with 19% usage, this great browser maintains one share quite high taking into account that is not owned by the search engine (Google) most used in the world, or the operating system (Windows) most used in the worl, fourth is the default browser of Apple Safari with an 8% share of use, the Opera browser will finally with 1% and other browsers with 3%.

 Google Chrome - 38%
Internet Explorer - 31%
Mozilla Firefox - 19%
Safari - 8%
Opera - 1%
Others - 3%

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